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Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Life & Business Coach & Philanthropist


Meet Cathy Staton

Cathy Staton brings with her over twenty years of leadership development experience. She is a self-published author, visionary, Christian counselor, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and life and business coach. Her cutting-edge life skill strategies and uncompromising integrity are the hallmarks of her services to help women find their voice and use life's stumbling blocks to rebuild their lives. Cathy serves as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate who provides messages of hope, encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration. She is the founder of MyHelpMyHope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that assists women and children in crisis situations. Cathy is the recipient of numerous awards including the Wavy TV Channel 10 Who Care award, the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Finer Woman award, Hampton Roads Gazeti Exemplar award, ACHI Magazine Woman of the Year award, ACHI Magazine Philanthropist award, Genieve Shelter Hero award, and the Garden of Hope Unity award from Gethsemane Community Fellowship Church. Cathy's work has been featured on the nationally syndicated Dr. Oz Show, Wavy 10 News, 13 News Now, and WTKR Channel 3. Cathy has also been featured in publications such as the Virginian-Pilot, the New Journal and Guide, the Hampton Roads Gazeti, and Tidewater Women. In 2017 the Obama Administration, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey selected The MyHelpMyHope Foundation as a change maker. Cathy has earned an AS in psychology, a BS in Christian counseling, a BS in life coaching, a BS in addiction and recovery from Liberty University, and is currently earning her Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling.  

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Natalie Purdue

Cathy Staton as my Coach provided me with powerful tools and information. She has given me guidance, instructions, direction, advice, constructive criticism not just for my chapter but for my personal and professional life. Throughout the entire process, she kept me informed, helped me with the deadlines, shown patience, and stretched me to reach a higher goal. There is so much more I can say. The most powerful feeling is gratefulness and the most powerful expression is THANK YOU!!

Kiana Stallworth

I'm really grateful and honored to have worked with Cathy on her SurvivingHer Book Anthology project. The amount of help and assistance she put forth really showed how committed she is. She went above and beyond with mentoring, assigning personal assistance to help with our drafts, to scheduling photo and video shoots, marketing and advertising, and all the extra things that's normally not done for an Anthology. I also witness her go through a few hiccups during this project but with perseverance, she did not let anything get in her way of completing SurvivingHer. Which shows her strength. I couldn't have been happier to have experienced this moment!

Stacey D Shaw

I have known Cathy for many years and she has mentored and guided me as I began walking as an advocate on domestic violence. When I saw her post about this opportunity, I knew it was something that I needed to do. She has guided me in putting a part of my story on paper and shaping my platform; She provided the necessary information needed while she held our hands; she hired a top expert in her field who assisted us in making us shine, and she gave us the tools to take our next step. She also created a dynamic sisterhood. Thank you for everything you have contributed, everything you have poured into us, and thank you for this powerful movement.

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