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Meet The Author


Cathy Staton has been writing since she was once in a physically abusive marriage. She found that journalling was her way to escape and get her mind off of the trauma she was experiencing. Since then Cathy is a 3 times Amazon best-selling author. The first book that she wrote about being in an abusive marriage is titled "Loves Got Everything To Do With It." She is the Visionary behind 2 Anthologies called "Screams From The Church Pew" and SurvivingHer "Finding Hope Beyond The Pain." She co-authored 6 other books called "A Letter To My Abuser Abuser", "Pray, Pursue, Persist", "Courageous Enough To Launch", Walk With Her "Wisdom For Her Teenage Journey", A Woman's Worth "The Struggles And Triumph's Of A Successful Momprenuer", and Surviving The Transition "A Woman Veteran's Guide To Starting A New Life Post Military Service." Cathy loves assisting people with sharing their stories. In addition to being an inspiring writer and visionary, Cathy is a devoted philanthropist, and her greatest efforts are dedicated to her nonprofit the MyHelpMyHope Foundation. The MyHelpMyHope Foundation supports families impacted by traumas such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and human sex trafficking. 

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